New online shopping website in Mauritius (

It’s been a week since the new online shopping website made it to the list of online shopping websites targeting Mauritians. I came across the article while reading the MIU mailing list. I immediately clicked on the article and went through the website but I was eventually very disappointed and felt that the first article was quite misleading.

So, I sent an email to the mailing list asking questions because I wanted to have the opinion of others regarding this website. Well, I was not the only one who felt that there was something weird going on, you can go through the comment section of the press article.

Comment on press article

I am usually on my guards when it comes to online shopping or any other electronic transaction involving money. I did not find a padlock in my browser when visiting, that got me thinking twice. I shared my concerns on the MIU mailing list.

The articles/posts on the website were confusing to me. The use of the word “Amazon” on the website itself is misleading. Shouldn’t an Amazon partner know the basics of branding?

As you can read from the above screenshot which I took from the Amazon Associate Program Policy, as an affiliate one cannot use any trademark of Amazon. The domain name is in complete contrast with policy number nine. The logo used on the website appears to be yet another blunder.

If you dig more you will end up with questions like ‘why is the company using There is no mention of on the Amazon website, there is no review about the website and yet mentions that it is number one in Mauritius. Is the ranking based on pure fiction?

I seriously hate it when people and companies brag about being number 1 all the time! How can write about being number one when it came online just 1-2 weeks ago? And you ask people to trust the authenticity of the website? The domain name appears to have been registered very recently, 2nd of March 2017 to be precise. ensures that the products are all genuine. Really? How can a vendor ensure that?

Did you compare the price of products on against other local websites? I find products on way cheaper than

Ish mentioned a Slashdot story during the discussion on the mailing list and I got a very good explanation from Yuv as well.

The topic was so interesting that I started looking for more information and I ended on its Facebook page. Screenshots have been uploaded on the Facebook page to prove that the site is ‘genuine’. The screenshot however only refers to a message from Amazon acknowledging an application to the Amazon Partner Program. In fact, it’s not even a confirmation.

A second article was published by the journalist after a series of questions and comments on the mailing list, Twitter and the press article’s comment section. I read it. It did not help at all.

The shopping website is far from being secure for online shopping. did not confirm as partner yet. I quote from

Les sites partenaires ne vendent pas directement les produits, mais redirigent les clients vers Amazon. Dans le cas d’Amazon Mauritius, les ventes sont complètement effectuées sur le site partenaire.

So, does that make a partner or not? As per the journalist’s words, an Amazon Partner does not do direct selling but instead redirects the customer to Amazon, whereas in the case of they actually do direct selling, completely outside of the Amazon domain.

I just hope this article is useful to somebody else who may have same doubts as me.