Hello, my name is Shelly Hermia Bhujun. If you thought I was working  in a computer/IT related field, you are not the only one. It’s okay, I  am used to it by now. What’s my story? I am a fashion geek passionate  about design, fashion and technology!

littleshelly.me is my internet space where I write  about things I am passionate and curious about. I also share some of the  DIY projects I work on or templates. I am a textile and fashion design graduate from the University of  Mauritius who was an intern at CMT and Floreal Knitwear LTD during my  studies. I also participated in the 4Afrika internship at Microsoft  right after my graduation and eventually worked as the fashion/graphic  designer of the brands HARRISWILSON / BLURIVER. I am now currently  working as the fashion designer of ISLANDHAZE ladies Mauritius.


I was an AIESECer for about three consecutive years and then I joined  the Microsoft student partners and eventually became part of the  Mauritius Internet Users group. I make it a must to attend the  developers conference every year and I sometimes participate in events  organized by some tech groups in Mauritius.

Please note that everything I write or share on littleshelly.me is  my opinion and not that of my employer. Some of the  images/logos/information I use in the posts are available from the  internet. I do not own them. I provide due credit to the owner if I’m  aware of the source. You are free to contact me to provide proper credit  or ask for removal of an image or content.