It has been days now, well…over a week. The reaction of some of the Government officials regarding technological advancement and young professionals as a threat is totally absurd! There has been a lot of media coverage and I can say that it has seriously affected our opinion towards the ones ‘guiding’ Mauritius to a better future.

Foreign experts v/s competent Mauritians?

What shocked me the most was to read news articles in which our Government would constantly mention and be proud of reporting that they have contacted foreign experts from country X. I don’t know if we should be proud about it or not. Let me make it clear. I am not against getting foreign expertise in Mauritius but is it really necessary to get a foreign expert for any petty issue? Aren’t Mauritians competent enough? If not, is it related to our education system? Do we lack something? Is it our culture? Or simply because we are not given the credit we deserve by our own Government? We can’t say that our country is doing well and is making progress if the number of foreign experts keeps increasing per year. So, the Government would rather ignore competent people in Mauritius, ignore their comments and concerns while welcoming foreign experts to our country? Is this really the culture we are embracing right now? Because it does not make me feel proud knowing that we are promoting Mauritius as a needy country who does not have any experts and who is not doing anything about helping Mauritians expand their network and their know-how.

Is our generation competent and comfortable in Technology?

Getting back to the story, is it normal for our generation to be competent and comfortable with technology? Because this seems to be freaking the Government out!

(source: Le Mauricien 27/Jan/2016)

We are a generation who uses the Internet and we are excited about new technology, but it seems to slip out of some people’s mind! Some people are curious in nature and tend to explore technology; is it really a bad thing to be different? Is it a bad thing to point out mistakes and contribute ideas? We are constantly being judged and tagged as a generation who is too fast, irresponsible and so on.

Recent happenings in Mauritius

For example, is someone who uses three operating systems a potential threat to a society? From what I have learned in court (Mon 25th of Jan 2016) – a person who uses Linux, Windows and Mac OS are more likely to be considered as a king-pin, terrorist or head of a very dangerous society or group.

I have never really been interested in following politics and learning about laws until it hit me and I realised that it was something crucial, especially if you want to survive and protect your freedom in Mauritius. What happened to Ish Sookun and Kishan Sooklall really affected the young people’s opinion about what’s really happening in Mauritius.Well, it has been mentioned that some Mauritians studying abroad are also aware of this case and are now reluctant to come back to a country where knowledge about technology are considered as a threat and trouble the country’s guardians.

Can we do something about it? Yes, of course we can! Share our thoughts and concerns on issues or rules we are not happy with! We have had a very weak sharing bond in Mauritius. We adopt the silence approach instead of standing together against things we are unhappy with. Is this culture going to make Mauritius any better? No! Can we blame the Government for things they are proceeding with despite our discontent? No, because we never shout out our opinions. We cannot blame anybody but ourselves.

Cheers \M/