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What’s my story? I am a fashion geek passionate about design, fashion and technology!

My.T Weather App for Mauritius

I am sure you have heard or seen various aggressive adverts about My.T’s new baby – the My.T Weather application. It was officially launched on the 2nd of February and yes, there was quite a hype about that application especially after the continuous micro-climate changes happening in Mauritius. »

Black Friday in Mauritius

I noticed a lot of Black Friday sales in Mauritius this year. Seriously, a LOT! I know local businesses like trendy words and automatically adopt foreign concepts in Mauritius. »

Women in Tech - Mauritius

I was invited by Marie-Noelle Ellisac Foy to join the panel discussion as a speaker for the Women In Tech event which was held at L’Aventure Du Sucre on Friday 7th of October 2016. I was really excited to learn more about this new Tech group in Mauritius and to share my passion for technology ... »

How to identify between Orange, Emtel & MTML mobile numbers?

Do you still wonder if the number you are about to call is Emtel or Orange before you press on the green button? Well, I still do… so, I decided to look for a way to solve my problem and I found an ICTA document online which I am going to share with you. »

How to check if a company is registered in Mauritius?

It all started when I found a local online shopping website. I was quite skeptical to go forward and start shopping because of all the con/fake agencies and stories that happened so far. So, I decided to share my concern about the website on the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list. »

Graduating from the University of Mauritius

A couple of things you need to know when graduating from the University of Mauritius. I know it sounds weird but it was such a relief to graduate from the University of Mauritius 🙂 So yeahh!! I was really eager to graduate. »

DIY T-shirt

Have you ever wanted to make your own T-shirt? Like wearing a T-shirt to go watch a movie or attend an event, but you end up in a dilemma because you don’t have time to wait for ‘Shipping’ or you can’t find that T-shirt in any shop. »