Smule sing – a karaoke app

Do you like to sing? Do you like karaoke? Would you like to sing with people around the world and even artists? Cheer up! I just found an app named Smule sing and you are going to love it! ^^

Quick Intro

Smule is an American mobile app developer headquartered in San Francisco. The company specializes in developing social music-making applications for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

— Wikipedia

How does it work?

After signing up you will have to choose 4 categories you like most and the list has Pop Rock, Religious, Sertanejo, Hip-Hop, Turkish, Latin, Rap, Thai, ’90s, Gospel, Malaysian, Latin pop, Christian, Tamil, Hindi, Indonesian, Reggaeton, Canadian, Anime, Alt Rock, County, Campursari, Boyband, Ballad, Arabic, Brazilian, Soul, Kids, Reggae, OPM, Pop, Bollywood, Dangdut, R&B, French, Rock, Disney, Soundtracks, K-pop and Spanish.

After choosing four categories, you will be given one song to to sing or you can also search for another song and sing along with other people. It is recommended to have a headphone if you are using the app.

This is what the app looks like:

You have options like free songs, sing with artist etc… You can look for your friends on the app and invite them to join you, you get notifications and a profile. Pretty much the same story like the usual social media.

Arghh I know that some people will smile when they will see the High School Musical song list ==’ but I love it people! ^^

Okay, so when you click join you will have the following options:

Unfortunately, you will have to pay for a solo, duet and group recording. The only free option left will be to join someone for a song.

This is what happens when you join someone for a song. 🙂 I forgot to mention that you get number of views and likes; again the typical social media. You can also choose if you want to record vocal or do a video.

Well, it’s pretty easy to use and you don’t have to be a pro to sign up! The only issue I had was the funny echo sound happening while I was singing, it does not sound natural but I guess it’s the app sound effect. Anyway, it’s singing for fun 🙂 Give it a try.

A new online shopping website in Mauritius :

It’s been a week since the new online shopping website made it to the list of online shopping websites targeting Mauritians. I came across the article while reading the MIU mailing list. I immediately clicked on the article and went through the website but I was eventually very disappointed and felt that the first article was quite misleading.

So, I sent an email to the mailing list asking questions because I wanted to have the opinion of others regarding this website. Well, I was not the only one who felt that there was something weird going on, you can go through the comment section of the press article.

I am usually on my guards when it comes to online shopping or any other electronic transaction involving money. I did not find a padlock in my browser when visiting, that got me thinking twice. I shared my concerns on the MIU mailing list.

The articles/posts on the website were confusing to me. The use of the word “Amazon” on the website itself is misleading. Shouldn’t an Amazon partner know the basics of branding?

As you can read from the above screenshot which I took from the Amazon Associate Program Policy, as an affiliate one cannot use any trademark of Amazon. The domain name is in complete contrast with policy number nine. The logo used on the website appears to be yet another blunder.

If you dig more you will end up with questions like ‘why is the company using There is no mention of on the Amazon website, there is no review about the website and yet mentions that it is number one in Mauritius. Is the ranking based on pure fiction?

I seriously hate it when people and companies brag about being number 1 all the time! How can write about being number one when it came online just 1-2 weeks ago? And you ask people to trust the authenticity of the website? The domain name appears to have been registered very recently, 2nd of March 2017 to be precise. whois record ensures that the products are all genuine. Really? How can a vendor ensure that? 

Did you compare the price of products on against other local websites? I find products on way cheaper than

Ish mentioned a slashdot story during the discussion on the mailing list and I got a very good explanation from Yuv as well.

The topic was so interesting that I started looking for more information and I ended on its Facebook page. Screenshots have been uploaded on the Facebook page to prove that the site is ‘genuine’. The screenshot however only refers to a message from Amazon acknowledging an application to the Amazon Partner Program. In fact, it’s not even a confirmation.

A second article was published by the journalist after a series of questions and comments on the mailing list, Twitter and the press article’s comment section. I read it. It did not help at all.

The shopping website is far from being secure for online shopping. did not confirm as partner yet. I quote from

Les sites partenaires ne vendent pas directement les produits, mais redirigent les clients vers Amazon.

Dans le cas d’Amazon Mauritius, les ventes sont complètement effectuées sur le site partenaire.

So, does that make a partner or not? As per the journalist’s words, an Amazon Partner does not do direct selling but instead redirects the customer to Amazon, whereas in the case of they actually do direct selling, completely outside of the Amazon domain.

I just hope this article is useful to somebody else who may have same doubts as me.


Women In Tech #Mauritius

Finally got time to write a blogpost about the Women In Tech event! 🙂

So, I was invited by Marie-Noelle Ellisac Foy to join the panel discussion as a speaker for the Women In Tech event which was held at L’Aventure Du Sucre on Friday 7th of October 2016. I was really excited to learn more about this new Tech group in Mauritius and to share my passion for technology and confirmed my participation as the Mauritius Internet Users Lead.

Marie-Noelle eventually sent an email listing all the speakers’ name along with the agenda. She eventually introduced me and the other panelists to Nathalie Stemper who was the panel discussion moderator. Nathalie contacted each panelist and discussed about the topic which was; How is technology driving rising in Africa? Some questions would be directed to specific panelist and some to all. Everything was planned and we were ready to roll.

Ish was the one who picked me up along with three MSPs and that was awesome because it would have been a real challenge to reach there via public transport. At first it looked like we were the first one to arrive but after getting to the conference room we were happy to see Marie-Noelle and Nathalie who greeted us and introduced us to the other early comers. Ish activated his mobile-data to do live tweets and posts but the signal was too weak and there was no WIFI access. He was really disappointed. 😐

Elizabeth arrived some minutes later and we all walked to another room where refreshment was served. We had an interesting conversation regarding the Women in Tech event and the other existing tech communities in Mauritius.

We got back into the conference room after coffee and waited for the President of Mauritius, Mrs Ameenah Gurib-Fakim and for the event to start. One thing that I really appreciated was the fact that The President was on time (Y) Like seriously, Hats off!

The room gradually filled up after the President’s arrival and the event started with the traditional speech order, starting with the Managing Director of L’Aventure du Sucre, followed by Ms Verna Pillay, Director of Public Affairs at the Africa Leadership College followed by a lady from the Sate Bank of Mauritius and finally the President. All the speeches were inspirational ones based on their lives challenges and some related families experiences. You could see the audience captivating reaction after each and every speech. One thing that kept ticking in my mind was the fact that all the stories were about past challenges and not about present time. Anyways, after the speeches, the President got a gift from ALU, some people took the opportunity to snap some pictures and the President left.

The stage was then to Marie-Noelle and Nathalie who introduced us to the girls in tech and women in tech groups. Marie-Noelle explained how they came up with the idea of getting these two groups in Mauritius. They shared their vision for the groups and had videos. It is an interesting concept but I don’t see myself in that kind of tech group. Why? Because I don’t think we have an issue where girls willing to join tech groups can’t make it in Mauritius. All the tech groups I know of are so amazing and have a welcoming atmosphere. If girls want to be part of the tech communities in Mauritius, all they have to do is step forward and contact the groups. The president of the Computer Science group at the University of Mauritius is a girl. There are girls who are MSP Leads in Mauritius. There are amazing women/ladies who created apps and websites such as; bon’app and inthemood, I met Vanessa Chellen at DevCon and was so amazed with her passion for PHP. I mean, come on! don’t act like there are no girls in tech fields or like they are excluded from the existing tech communities. It doesn’t sound like the tech enthusiasts of Mauritius. We have a different culture here. I do realise that there is a male dominating presence in the tech communities but they do encourage more girls/women to join in and share their passion for technology.


Anyway, the panel discussion was right after that. Nathalie introduced the panelists to the audience and we started. What was quite impressive was the fact that the panel discussion was like 15 minutes and everybody was shocked. I have been to a panel discussion before and trust me I know what I am talking about! There were three questions?.. well less than five (to be safe). No question and answer time and it was done. ‘Short and sweet’ said the StartupGrind guy. I guess it was maybe because they wanted to stick with the schedule and we were out of time. I guess am cool with that as long as they respect the agenda. Well, it doesn’t matter because it was enough to reach the audience.


As I was getting back to my seat, somebody poked me and OMG! It was Beatrice Descroizilles, the manager of BonApp. She was so happy that I mentioned her name during the panel discussion. I was just amazed! We talked about her work, how she ended up at the event, etc… Well, it was a good talk! ^^ We even took a selfie! Then, I met Sameera Koyratty, an amazing woman with an inspiring story. She has a training center and also gives trainings and courses. We had a good talk too! ^^ I also met Guylaine Laiyra and we had a brief conversation about the tech communities in Mauritius.

After talking to these three amazing persons, I realized that a lot of people don’t know about the existing tech communities in Mauritius and that was weird. (Writing a blog post about that.)


Ish and I eventually stayed in the conference room where we learned about the new educational model present at the African Learning College. There were four students from ALU who shared their experience so far with this new model. They don’t have lecturers but facilitators (that’s how they call them) and you could see how their confidence when responding to some of the audience asking questions. Well, the approach is different, but in a good way. 🙂


Then we went for a campus tour, had a great lunch and then headed to another room where they had a series of sessions. I attended the presentations by Guillaume de Smedt who talked about StartupGrind, Shaleenta Appadoo and Gaël from the digital maketing of LSL Digital and Hamna Mungur, Dipshika Joyekurun and Kooshboo Thacooree from the Microsoft Student Partners.

And…. we headed home right after that 🙂 That’s it!

Thanks for letting me use your pictures Ish ^^

How to identify between Orange,Emtel or MTML numbers #Mauritius

Do you still wonder if the number you are about to call is Emtel or Orange before you press on the green button? Well, I still do… so, I decided to look for a way to solve my problem and I found an ICTA document online which I am going to share with you 🙂

Before I get on the phone numbers, I was quite surprised to see that Mauritius had numbers for Pager Devices.



Orange mobile numbers can start with the following:

525x xxxx

570x xxxx , 575x xxxx , 576x xxxx , 577x xxxx , 578x xxxx , 579x xxxx

5820 xxxx

591x xxxx , 592x xxxx , 594x xxxx


Emtel mobile numbers can start with the following:

5421 xxxx , 5422 xxxx , 5423 xxxx , 5428 xxxx , 5429 xxxx , 549x xxxx

5473 xxxx

571x xxxx , 572x xxxx , 573x xxxx , 574x xxxx

584x xxxx

593x xxxx , 597x xxxxx , 598x xxxxx


MTML mobile numbers can start with the following:

529x xxxx

586x xxxx

5890x xxxx

595x xxxx , 596x xxxx


Pager services can start with the following:

218 9xxx , 219 xxxx , 22x xxxx


Cheers \M/





Online shopping websites shipping to Mauritius

shopping blog post cover

I usually go through a lot of websites looking for new trends plus I adore online shopping. I decided to group some of them starting with ASOS because of the free shipping whereas the other ones include fees you will have to pay even though they ship to Mauritius.



ASOS (Custom)

ASOS is my favorite! ^^ because the products are amazing and it offers free shipping. Something you should know when purchasing on ASOS; it is better if you purchase less than Rs 2000 otherwise you will have to pay an additional fee for customs (you will be taxed if your receipt shows it cost you more than Rs 2000). You may want to check out and buy items several times a day if you wish to avoid to pay customs.




  • $15 shipping fee for orders between 0-50 USD
  • $10 shipping fee for orders between 50-100 USD
  • $5 shipping fee for orders between 100-150 USD
  • Free shipping for orders above 150 USD
  • 5-10 working days





Shipping Rates are as follows:

Ship From International Economy International Standard
All other countries Not available 20



Shipping Options Orders
Import Duties & Taxes*
Free express shipping with prepaid duties & taxes* (2-4 days) $10 FREE Yes Prepaid and added to your total
Free express shipping (2-4 days) $10 FREE Yes Due on delivery paid to the carrier
Free postal shipping (7-20 days) $10 FREE No Due on delivery paid to the carrier



La redoute

Here is the list of countries covered by La Redoute for deliveries:
Country of destination Delivery charges (in EUR) Delivery charges (in USD)
Rest of the world* 12,90 € $16,77


Avenue 32
Avenue 32 is pleased to offer global shipping on all purchases according to the delivery schedule below.
Rest of the World DHL 2-5 Days $40.00 DHL Track Your Order




International Delivery
 Mauritius 2-3 working days 9.95 FREE on orders over £75



Destination Country
Delivery costs
Delivery times
Standard delivery
Express delivery
Standard delivery
Express delivery
USA, Canada, South East Asia, Rest of the world*
FREE for orders over 149€ otherwise 9,90€
4 to 7 days
2 to 4 days




Destination Transporteur Délai (jours ouvrés) Tarif
Ile Maurice
COLISSIMO 2 à 10 jours 40€











MAURITIUS     Standard delivery       £10.00       Up to 10 days








Country Standard Delivery Express Delivery
Time (working days) Cost Time (working days) Cost
Mauritius 5-9 £5.95, free over £75 4-5 £20









Ship From International Economy International Standard
South Korea & Australia 15 20
All other countries Not available 20















Kids Online Shopping Websites:









Well, I hope you will have fun too! Happy shopping! ^^