I really like mugs. I like it when things look pretty. So, drinking coffee or tea in a mug is also a big deal to me and I like to pamper myself by getting cool mugs and when I don’t find ones I like to customize them. 🙂

I have been craving for a mug with the design below two years ago and I inspired myself from Pantone mugs and from a designer’s mug with the quote ‘This is a designer’s mug. It uses Helvetica and is black’.

I eventually found the 1950 Design & Print Co Ltd which is in Mauritius and I was glad to learn that they would be at Bagatelle, in front of Intermart this week! So I got my mug ^^

They do the print at an instant go and it’s at Rs250 per mug which is affordable and its a standard price for any print.

Another thing that I learnt while browsing today is the ‘Sharpie Mug Design‘ permanent markers. Which is great right?! I am seriously thinking of buying those markers!

I will update this blog post as soon as I get the markers.

Cheers! \M/