Have you ever wanted to make your own T-shirt? Like wearing a T-shirt to go watch a movie or attend an event, but you end up in a dilemma because you don’t have time to wait for ‘Shipping’ or you can’t find that T-shirt in any shop.

No you are not doomed – Thanks to heat transfer printing! ^^

I learnt about the heat transfer paper printing during my fashion design course in the ‘Printing’ module.

The easiest way of personalizing your T-shirt is by using transfer paper techniques. For those in Mauritius who cannot ship the transfer paper- I would recommend a printing company at Rose-Hill name ‘Exposure Ltd- 477 Royal Road Rose Hill- 59208610/57095301) where you can buy the papers and even print at an affordable price. ^^

Basic information you need to know when purchasing heat transfer papers:

There are 2 types of heat transfer paper:

  • One which is like a sticker (use inkjet to print on the paper- remove the print like a sticker- place it on your TShirt- place the grease paper on the sticker- iron the sticker’  and DONE!

The other one is where you print on the paper, still using inkjet - you have to invert the image/artwork before printing- then place the paper on the T-shirt with the print facing the fabric – place a handkerchief or another fabric on the paper to avoid burning the paper – iron transfer paper on the Tshirt – ensure that all the print has been transfer unto the T-shirt, remove the paper slowly and DONE! ^^

Sorry but I did not have this transfer paper. But here is a video that can help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us7yI6VjdUg

Please note that there are two types of heat transfer papers- one for dark colours (print to be transferred on dark coloured shirts) and one for light colours (print to be transferred onto white shirts and light shades). Choose the type of paper according to your T-shirt colour carefully in order to get a good print quality! 🙂

I hope it’s going to help! ^^

Cheers \M/