Have you exceeded your Mauritius Telecom Internet monthly package?

I had a slow Internet connection since the beginning of this month and my brother decided to call Mauritius Telecom to enquire about it. He was told that we have exceeded our monthly package and this is why we are experiencing such a slow and “bad” Internet connection. The tele-agent also said that maybe it was due to “too much” Skype calls and streaming whatsoever. It just did not make sense to me. Last time I checked how many Gigabytes I used out of my package, I did not even make it to half! And I had Skype meetings everyday!

So I said, hey! Maybe it would be great for people to know how to check their Internet consumption so far in case they end up with a slow connection and decide to go with it instead of tracking it down and insist that Mauritius Telecom fix that issue.

1. Speedtest or Fast.com

I usually run a speedtest or fast.com whenever I encounter slow internet connection. It’s some kind of proof I require in order to make sure the issue is not about the device I am using but with the Internet Service Provider.

fast.com test

2. Access your router

You can access your router by typing

You will require a username and a password to access your router. Kindly call Mauritius Telecom on 8902 and ask them for the information.

The router screenshot (Custom)

3. Access your Internet account to track your Internet Data Usage

Go on https://internetaccount.orange.mu. The username and password required to access the account is a different one. You may find the username when you access your router but the password is masked. So…. you also have to call Orange on 8902 to ask for it.

account (Custom)

Once you access your Internet account, click on session report, select the period your want to track by entering the date/month/year and click on submit.

4. Convert

Now, all you need to do is to copy the Total Volume (Kb) and convert it into Gb.

E.g; I subscribed to the 10Mbps package which offers me 75Gb per month. I take my total volume and I convert it into Gb. If my Internet consumption exceeds the 75Gb, then Mauritius Telecom will automatically downgrade my Internet connection to 1 Mbps. So, make sure you track your Internet consumption πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, it seems that I have indeed exceeded my Internet Package and I must admit that I am quite surprised. I wonder if it is too much Netflix. Well, I guess I should probably download some kind of software that would notify me whenever I have exceeded the limit on my Mauritius Telecom Internet package.

Can anyone recommend me a software which would enable me to track my data usage?

Cheers \M/




5 thoughts on “Have you exceeded your Mauritius Telecom Internet monthly package?

  1. Normally you should get an sms and email when you have reached 75% and when you have exceeded the limit as well.

  2. The router username and password is “telecomadmin” and “admintelecom” by default.
    You might want to reduce the quality at which Netflix streams by changing the settings on the website. It sends high quality videos when it detects the 10mbps. Same thing goes for Skype(but to reduce the quality for this, you gotta use the software below)
    As for controlling your net usage, try NetLimiter and NetMeter.
    NetLimiter gives you granular details of all the software on your PC and lets you limit the speeds allocated to each software. Like I have Skype set to 50kbps, so all video calls are sent at only 480p.
    NetMeter on the other hand gives you a constant live graph of what speeds you are currently getting…
    Hope this helps :))

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