I always like to upload High definition pictures and illustrations. I was quite annoyed with my sys admin when I wrote my last blog post because I had to upload quite a few pictures and the file size was limited to only 2MB. Some days ago, I even had to send emails at work and some of them got queued because my vectors were still in high definition. I eventually had to find a way to resize the pictures and tried a few options. If you have Photoshop in your mind please swipe it because I consider it as a lot of effort and it’s expensive. So, I decided to asked for help on Facebook and got interesting suggestions regarding image resizing; Pixlr , GIMP , XnView and even Microsoft Paint.

I downloaded about five image resizing software and the last one worked 🙂 There is an image resizer for Windows and it works fine. All I have to do is right click on the picture, enter the pixel I want it to be and save. It’s real quick and it works fine so I love it.

So…that’s it! I hope you like it too 🙂

Cheers \M/