It will almost be a year since I have been to the Imagine Cup Pan Arab Semi Finals and MEA MSP Summit. The second MSP Heroes batch has been selected two  weeks ago and I realized that I have never really wrote about it. The only time I shared my experience was for the MSP Evolve after I got back to Mauritius. I think it would be great for students to know about the opportunities that some companies are bringing forward to our country. It’s a great deal especially when you are passionate about something and you get to join a group of people who are as motivated.

Imagine Cup

The Microsoft Imagine Cup  is one of the competitions which gives students and tech enthusiasts the opportunity to promote innovative and fun projects that’s going to help society or just make it better. What’s interesting to note is that this competition is a global program and all you need to focus on is your project. If it is selected then Microsoft is going to ‘sponsor’ your team to fly to the competition venue to showcase that idea bearing in mind that there are other procedures in between. It’s not just about building something extraordinary and hoping to travel but there are a series of steps to earn that travel ticket.

Speaking of Microsoft, yes, there is a Microsoft office in Mauritius and there is also the Microsoft Student Partners program.

If you want to know what the Microsoft Student Partner is all about in general then I would suggest this link but if you want to know about the MSP program in Mauritius then feel free to contact me or the other MSPs to ask as much question as you want.

My journey to Bahrain

It all started when Arnaud Meslier (IOI MSP Manager) sent my CV to  the MSP panel/board members. I was the People and Project Management MSP  Lead back then. Rest assure, you don’t have to be a lead to have such  opportunities, you are rewarded based on your motivation and  achievements. So, I got a phone call from one of the organizing member  in May who congratulated me following by an official email sent to all MEA (Middle East Asia) MSP Heroes.

I am going to avoid a lot of writing and inspire you with pictures instead 😀 The pictures I uploaded are from Amr and Pivendren ^^

A quick tour of the Imagine Cup Pan Arab 2015

That was the Imagine Cup and MSP Summit venue. 🙂

Like I said earlier that was the Imagine Cup Pan Arab and each country had their own team to showcase their amazing app. Algeria had three teams. 🙂

View from the room.

Goodies ^^

And this is how I fell in love with bean bags. 😀

The Xbox corner ^^

This is the showcase area. There is a ‘booth’/corner for every team to showcase their app and project. There were 36 students teams who got selected. Each team would demonstrate their app/project on Day 1. There was the judges orientation on Day 2 where the judges would go from booth to booth to test and understand the app/project. Then soon after, there was the presentation judging where each team was divided according to their app/project categories. There were three categories; Games , Innovation and World Citizenship.

Then, we all went to have some fun. 😀 My favorite was laser tag.

There was the last showcase setup on the third day and interviews from media folks followed by an award ceremony. Here is the award ceremony video.

Amr, Moalla and Bakir were the only MSPs who understood Arabic so the other MSPs eventually turned to them for translation. We didn’t realize we were disturbing the other attendees till we each got translation devices. 😀

MSP MEA Heroes 2015 🙂 (Ibukun is missing in the picture though)

MSP Summit

Quick notes of what we did and talked about during the MSP summit. Each MSP worked on some slides to present the MSP structure in their respective country and how it worked out so far. It was really interesting to see how the MSP program evolved in each country and how we could help each other overcome problems such as lack of participation and to motivate MSP to perform.

That’s it! Please feel free to ping me if you have any question. 🙂

Cheers \M/