I finally decided to stop being lazy and to write about my London trip ^_^

I went to London for work purposes for four days and I really wanted to make the most out of it since it was my first trip to London. Unfortunately, I was so focused on other priorities that I got only a weekend to plan the places I would like to visit, shop and eat. I was working 8hrs per day and it was kind of tight to visit public attractions since I was off from work as from 17hr and  it was freezing, 3-5 degree Celsius to be precise. Anyway, I managed to locate a family member in London and I must say that I was so relieved because my cousin was able to make me visit the most awesome places in London!

Quick tips if you are traveling in London

Get an Oyster card

An Oyster card is a smartcard which you can use to pay for travel. It works in Tube,  London Overground, TfL Rail, and most National Rail stations. You can refill it online or at the station itself. Its really easy!

Download Apps

There are great apps you can download such as; Google map, Currency Converter, Citymapper, Tubemap, London bus, London Official City Guide.

*I was quite stuck with the mobile applications available on Windows phone. So, it is better if you have an iPhone or Android.

Be a foodie

I have been really safe about the food I was eating. I think am becoming more of a vegetarian nowadays. Actually, I find the food too healthy in London. If you don’t eat much and you are happy with having sandwiches, toasts with fruit salad and juice or coffee for lunch. I would recommend you to try out Costa, Starbucks, Nero and Pret a manger cafe. 🙂

Hop on hop off bus tour

I got my Hop on Hop off bus ticket from Air Mauritius as a gift but I checked the price online and its not that bad. I think it can be a real treat especially if you are stuck on a business trip. The tour hours are flexible and it takes only 1 hour and a half to visit London. I managed to get on a tour as from 8  and got back to work on time.

Again, it was really freezing so I would suggest you to do the tour in summer. 🙂

My favorite: Please note that there are free museums and libraries!

I made a list but I could only visit the British Museum. Hopefully I will complete the list in the upcoming years. You can also check the top 20 free attractions in London.

Why I chose the British museum? Well, because it is open till 20:30 on Fridays! 😀

Wembley Temple

My cousin surprised me by making me visit the Wembley Temple. It is absolutely stunning. The detail of each wall carved, the architecture itself is simply marvelous.


Regarding shopping, I would say that some shops are affordable. Primark is the most popular one. New look, Forever twenty one, Topshop are quite interesting. If you are looking for a mall which regroups most of the brands then I would suggest going to Shepherd’s Bush Westfield Shopping Centre.

I tried on the Samsung Gear VR there! ^^

Well, I had great fun even it was for four days 🙂 I really like London. Its clean!! Its really clean :S It’s easy to travel via Tube, the night life is good, the people are nice, the shops are huge (underground, ground floor and two more floors to go) and the sales people are so friendly! It’s not difficult to adapt and to learn the London culture. I admit that it’s really expensive compared to Mauritius but it’s worth a trip there! ^^

I would be grateful if you could suggest me great places to visit or to grab lunch & dinner.

Cheers \M/ ^^