I am sure you have heard or seen various aggressive adverts about My.T’s new baby – the My.T Weather application. It was officially launched on the 2nd of February and yes, there was quite a hype about that application especially after the continuous micro-climate changes happening in Mauritius. I have just had the time to seriously go through the My.T Weather application and I can tell you how disappointed I am.

I installed the app, went through it for about 5-7 minutes and then I  uninstalled it. I even tweeted about it highlighting a major concern about the location feature which was utterly useless. I don’t know whether to feel relieved when I found that I was not the only person encountering that particular issue or whether to find it rude that My.T did not bother to fix that problem. Why should I find it rude? Simply because geo-location was brought up in the promotional campaign video (watch from 1:13 – 1:19).

I looked for more information regarding that application online and found the FAQ PDF published by Mauritius Telecom.

Section 9 of the FAQ of My.T Weather published by Mauritius Telecom states:

Information on this app is being fed by official relevant authorities with regards to weather, major incidents and calamities. Mauritius Telecom is not responsible for the accuracy and validity of contents appearing on the my.t weather app. For more information, the relevant authorities should be contacted.

However, during the campaign, Mauritius Telecom made it clear that data was being pulled from Windy.com; then, which authority is that FAQ talking about? I reckon that rainfall data must be provided by the local meteorological office since we still rely on them.

Personally, I always use the Windows 10 weather application, it’s always updated and it is just one click away from the start button.

Getting back to the mention of Windy.com on the My.T Weather application- Windy.com provides a more accurate weather forecast and while I am in Providence the nearest forecast could be that for Quartier-Militaire. See below screenshot taken from Windy.com.

Sections 14 & 15 say that the default location of the app is Port-Louis and that the nearest weather station will be shown (I guess so if location services is enabled). The location remains Port-Louis no matter whether I am in Rose-Hill, St-Pierre or Providence. It makes me think whether there is a singular weather station (i.e Port-Louis) in Mauritius which would then make the application useless.

Nevertheless, not everything about this application is negative. I respect the team who worked on it and I think they did a good job when it came to the ‘Emergency info’ and ‘Emergency numbers’ sections. I seriously think that the information provided for these two sections are very helpful. So thumbs up for this part.

My.T Weather application was a good attempt but sadly, it did not win hearts(at least not mine).