Netflix available in Mauritius

Netflix has been available in Mauritius since Thursday 7th of January 2016. Why is Netflix the new buzz here? Previously I could only watch the MBC, our national broadcasting station ,My.T, Parabole and Canal Satellite. I eventually stopped watching Television since I got an Internet connection. I just got sick of watching aΒ  20 minutes TV show with five minutes of advertisement interrupting the show thrice. I know a lot of people who have been complaining about the outdated TV shows and movies. It was easier to go to cinemas, buy dvds and do online streaming. Then, Netflix happened.


Yes, you need a credit card to register and buy a package on Netflix but it is absolutely worth it!


Once you access your account, welcome to the Netflix family! πŸ™‚ You can be quite disappointed with the TV shows and Movies available in Mauritius because the library available is limited compared to Europe. I hope the number of Netflix users will increase so that Netflix understands that there is indeed a demand for Netflix in Mauritius.


What happens in Vegas was the first movie I watched on Netflix. I rated it 5/5. πŸ™‚ It is a nice movie if you like modern comedy/romance.

16 thoughts on “Netflix available in Mauritius

  1. Hello Ish, yes I tried Netflix on my Smart TV, Windows Phone and Laptop πŸ™‚ The streaming experience is better than youtube and the quality is better than MBC πŸ˜› I hope they give us full access to the TV shows and Movies library soon.

  2. I’ve been using mediahint as a DNS to get Netflix US since last year. There is a great difference in content between the US version and MRU version.

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