There was a news article on regarding Safer Internet Day. SM, the representative of the Mauritius Internet Users commented on the article and mentioned some important points which affects our society.

There were also two subscribers of the Mauritius Internet who commented about it, Ishwon shared his opinion as a member of the ICT Advisory Council and Nirvan shared his opinion on Radio Plus.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the use of Internet in  Mauritius on the mailing list and during the several meetups I have participated to. What I found interesting and new in the Safer Internet Day article on was when SM mentioned ransomware.

What is ransomware?

What is ransomware? It is a software that locks a user’s access from its device by encrypting the user’s data until he/she pays a ransom to regain access to the data. If the user fails to pay the ransom, he/she might lose the data on the device or there is a high risk that the information/data is leaked on the Internet. So, I was very concerned about this ransomware problem and asked whether there was a solution to counter this issue. Can we rely on the CCID expertise in Mauritius to help us out? I am quite skeptical because it is a very complex issue. How to avoid being a ransomware victim? Well, a regular backup was suggested to me by Hansley, Mike and Ish or just pay the ransom because the chances of recovering the device’s information is quite difficult.

I found some interesting blog posts and articles about ransomware and cryptolocker:

Yash, another subscriber blogged about it too. 🙂

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