It all started when I was reading about the Rose Hill Transport LTD ‘Smartline’ article. I thought it was a good initiative especially when it comes to public transport facilities in Mauritius. I have been witnessing the Mauritius buses evolution since I was a kid. I was surprised to see that the private sector was the first one adopting new transport facilities with up-to-date technology. The Mauritius Government was the first to  talk about Smart Island and so on. It was interesting to see that a company is taking the lead and making it work. 🙂

As I was curious to learn more about RHT services I visited their website . While browsing I found the Etoile card which is in the ‘services tab option’. Unfortunately, the information  was missing and there was a broken link. I eventually wrote an email to RHT in order to learn about the service. After some discussion about the Etoile service, the Managing Director of RHT Ltd, Mr Sidharth Sharma expressed his appreciation regarding my interest for the Etoile service by sending me a gift bumper (see picture below) and invited me for a meetup with the crack team to discuss about the Etoile service in 2016.

Two weeks later, I attended the monthly Microsoft Student Partner Mauritius meeting and there was a session on Internet Of Things (IOT). An MSP cited the RHT new service as an example and I decided to follow  up on it. I sent Mr Sharma an email to ask him a few questions related to the travel card and he referred me to Mr Dany Ramana, the project leader of the new automatic fare collection system (AFC).

The AFC team is working in collaboration with a system engineer from Hong Kong. Here are some updates on the Etoile service. The AFC team has not set up the Standard Operating System (SOP) so far. They will update me after their meeting with the system engineer. There will be a deposit fee for the card apart from the travel expenses. Once the user stops using the card the deposit fee will be refunded. There will not be an expiry date as RHT is going to have different travel card (weekly card, monthly card, seasonal card, etc). What happens if the travel card is lost? The card is a Mifare 1k card with a chip. The AFC team can blacklist the card if it is stolen or lost. They will be able to retrieve the information on the card from their backend. They can retrieve the balance left on the previous card and recharge the new card.

I personally think it is a great service being worked on and I am just curious to see how it is going to evolve. I requested more updates from Mr Sharma and he kindly agreed to share more information. I must say that it is encouraging to communicate and be part of Mauritius’ next buzz thanks to the RHT team.

Looking forward for more updates and to use the travel card! ^^ Ohh!! I forgot to mentioned that I got 3 free travel 🙂 tours with RHT Ltd.

That was a great Christmas gift!

Stay tuned! Cheers \M/ ^^