Hello! ^^ I am really happy today because it's been long since I purchased anything online. I purchased my face masks on Friday (which was a public holiday) and I received my Face masks pack this morning.

Like RT Knits highlighted on its website, the mask they designed exceed the AFNOR SPEC S76-001 guidelines, so it is different from the surgical masks. Below is a screenshot of the comparison table they have on their website.

Here is what you need to know if you want to order masks:

You can either go on t-shop.teamonite.mu or on facemask.mu . Below is a screenshot of both websites:

Clicking on 'Order your Remask now' and 'Read more' will lead you to the facemask online shop.

Then, all you have to do is click on the pack you wish to proceed with. In my case, I chose the 50 units pack. If you see that Rs 2,875 is a big amount (which did hit me at first), bear in mind that it means that 1 mask costs you Rs 57.5 . I think it's worth it!

Plus, thanks to this mask, I can finally breath without this problem!!

Back to the purchase process! This is what you get after you click on the mask pack you want to buy:

After you click on checkout, make sure you fill in your billing information correctly. I also shared my Google map coordinates.

I used Direct Bank Transfer to purchase the mask pack. I got a Proforma Invoice by email with the transfer detail.

Once the transfer was done, I got another email with the delivery schedule.

On the delivery day the driver will call you 30 - 45 mins prior to the delivery or when he's right in front of the gate (which happened to me - but that's because the Google map helped). 😄

What I like about the pack is that it contains 5 packets of 10 masks each. So it was easy to share some with my family.

That's it! I hope that the screenshots helped you to understand the RT Knits face mask purchase procedure. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Don't forget that even if you have face mask, it is important to keep a minimum of 1 metre of social distancing.