Smule sing – a karaoke app

Do you like to sing? Do you like karaoke? Would you like to sing with people around the world and even artists? Cheer up! I just found an app named Smule sing and you are going to love it! ^^

Quick Intro

Smule is an American mobile app developer headquartered in San Francisco. The company specializes in developing social music-making applications for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

— Wikipedia

How does it work?

After signing up you will have to choose 4 categories you like most and the list has Pop Rock, Religious, Sertanejo, Hip-Hop, Turkish, Latin, Rap, Thai, ’90s, Gospel, Malaysian, Latin pop, Christian, Tamil, Hindi, Indonesian, Reggaeton, Canadian, Anime, Alt Rock, County, Campursari, Boyband, Ballad, Arabic, Brazilian, Soul, Kids, Reggae, OPM, Pop, Bollywood, Dangdut, R&B, French, Rock, Disney, Soundtracks, K-pop and Spanish.

After choosing four categories, you will be given one song to to sing or you can also search for another song and sing along with other people. It is recommended to have a headphone if you are using the app.

This is what the app looks like:

You have options like free songs, sing with artist etc… You can look for your friends on the app and invite them to join you, you get notifications and a profile. Pretty much the same story like the usual social media.

Arghh I know that some people will smile when they will see the High School Musical song list ==’ but I love it people! ^^

Okay, so when you click join you will have the following options:

Unfortunately, you will have to pay for a solo, duet and group recording. The only free option left will be to join someone for a song.

This is what happens when you join someone for a song. 🙂 I forgot to mention that you get number of views and likes; again the typical social media. You can also choose if you want to record vocal or do a video.

Well, it’s pretty easy to use and you don’t have to be a pro to sign up! The only issue I had was the funny echo sound happening while I was singing, it does not sound natural but I guess it’s the app sound effect. Anyway, it’s singing for fun 🙂 Give it a try.

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