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Online shopping websites shipping to Mauritius - Part 2

It’s been a while, I haven’t written about my usual fashion discoveries on the web. In fact, I realized there is quite an amount of online shoppers in Mauritius after seeing reactions on my previous blogpost regarding online shopping. »

Online shopping websites shipping to Mauritius

I usually go through a lot of websites looking for new trends plus I adore online shopping. I decided to group some of them starting with ASOS because of the free shipping whereas the other ones include fees you will have to pay even though they ship to Mauritius. »

DIY T-shirt

Have you ever wanted to make your own T-shirt? Like wearing a T-shirt to go watch a movie or attend an event, but you end up in a dilemma because you don’t have time to wait for ‘Shipping’ or you can’t find that T-shirt in any shop. »