I know it sounds weird but it was such a relief to graduate from the University of Mauritius 🙂 So yeahh!! I was really eager to graduate.  I even designed a graduation card and sweet packaging to share the happiness *________*

So what can you expect?

You will most probably get an email from The University of Mauritius three weeks before the ceremony.

You will receive three attachments; ‘Graduation Invitation’,  ‘Invitation letter to join UoM Alumni Association’ and ‘Collection of  cards’ PDFs.

Well, graduation also means money 🙂 So you will need to pay for the graduation gown and photos. There are three mode of payments: Cash payment, SBM and MCB. The gown fee is Rs1,100 and is non refundable. You have two photography packages; Package A (10 photographs, a free soft copy of the photographs on a CD and One free DVD) which costs Rs300. Package B (15 photographs, a free soft copy of the photographs on a CD and One free DVD) which costs Rs425.

Library books: ensure that all your financial liabilities have been cleared before graduation or else your name will not be included in the graduation booklet.

Please note that a fee of Rs 5,000/- is applicable if you do not collect your Certificate within six (6) months of your graduation day. In case you cannot call in person, your certificate may be delivered to any member of your family provided that the person produces:

(i) a signed letter from you authorising him/her to take your Certificate;
(ii) your University Identity Card;
(iii) National Identity Card of member of family;
(iv) evidence that you have no liabilities (library books/financial dues)

Next….what happens on graduation day?

Trust me, you really want to reach UoM one hour before the graduation  ceremony. You have to show your graduation receipt at the entrance to prove that you are a graduate and eventually proceed to the gown room. UoM does not allow graduates to carry mobile phones or cameras but seriously ==’ you can! Just make sure that your mobile phone is on silent or switched off during the graduation ceremony. The gown room is always packed with graduates trying on gowns and hats. Just make sure that your gown and hat fits before you proceed for the graduation ceremony. I had to try three gowns to find one that fitted me.

If you are expecting to receive a graduate roll 🙂 sorry to disappoint you because UoM cannot afford it. Nope, not even a white A4 paper roll with a red ribbon around it. You should at least feel lucky to receive a graduation booklet with your name in it 🙂 You are not allowed to get out of the auditorium with your gown after the graduation ceremony. You have to wait for your turn to take pictures because the photographers take pictures according to the field of study but wait nobody monitors it so… 🙂 You can also chose to take pictures at the photographer’s studio if you want to. You’ll find more detail about it  in your invitation PDF.

After returning the gown you are kindly invited to have some refreshments at the cafeteria. Only graduates and people who have the invitation cards are allowed in the cafeteria for refreshments. You are not allowed to get out of the cafeteria with snacks or drinks to ensure that you don’t distribute the snacks with people outside the cafeteria.

Congratulations! It is now time to find a job. 🙂 The University of Mauritius thanks you for your contributions.

Graduation pictures! Your pictures will be ready for pick up at UoM after one month and 2-3 weeks. 🙂 It is good to note that you should call the photographer to confirm if the pictures are ready before reaching UoM because I had a bad experience regarding that. A lot of students were very disappointed because they got to UoM and they learnt that the photographs will be delivered some days later.