The only thing I would do with my mobile phone is was to send text messages, phone, use Facebook, take pictures, plug in music and other basic stuff. Then one day while talking to SM, he inspired me (‘by  swearing with love’) and made me realize that one should a phone to make her life easier and not just live life monotonously with basic routines.

So, I stopped being lazy and decided to browse Windows Store once a week to be updated about new apps. I downloaded some apps that made my life way easier for work purposes.

1. Pin it

Unfortunately, Windows phone users are not quite lucky when it comes to the wide range of apps available like Android and Iphone. Windows store may not have the Pinterest app but you can download the Pin it app which has the same functionality as the Pinterest you are used to on your desktop. The user experience is the same.

2. Pantone Colorpicker

Pantone is the standard color code/language that help designers to communicate and understand colors. Windows phone has an app quite similar to the Pantone app in Android and Iphone call Pantone Colorpicker. It helps me when I have to match colors when I take picture or whenever I find an interesting color in a magazine or book. All I have to do is scan the color I want, then take the picture. The scan will give me a list of color code and I can match the code with the list on my laptop.

3. 360 Fashion

This app will give you the latest fashion updates. I downloaded this  app yesterday and it’s not bad. The focus is not only on Style, fashion and catwalk, it also includes technology and elements that revolve around the fashion industry. There are articles summaries when you browse and you can read more about the articles by clicking on the link. It will direct you to the link source.

Yes I know that the Windows Phone fashion apps are kind of rare and poor. There are other apps that helps me like OfficeLens which I use to scan and edit pictures and text documents directly on my phone. InstaSave is a mobile app which enables me to save pictures from  Instagram.Twitter is the best social app that allows me to interact and follow latest updates from Fashion Designers, Magazines and every hot news.

As far as fashion related apps are concern I use the three I mentioned above. If you have cool apps you want to share then please do.

Cheers \M/