I have been thinking about writing about my recent visits to the BRC (Bail and Remand Court) situated at Port Louis, Mauritius. So yes, maybe I should pen down my experience for people who want to know about it.

The office opens at 09:00 and you are not allowed in before. Just make sure you sit on the stairs and wait for 9 o’clock even if the door is already open at 07:40. If you want to go to the toilet, Ladies Public toilet is found on the 4th floor and Gents public toilet on the third floor. A kind request to both the Ladies & Gents, please hold your breath because its really disgusting. I was surprised to see a window, a normal window in the ladies toilet. I guess any pervert could easily spot what you are doing in the building (vis-a-vis).

Regarding time, you really have to be patient because a hearing can be 30mins or 2hrs or 4hrs later than scheduled. I have been to the court three times and it was for Ish and Kishan’s hearing. Let me relate what happened on Monday 2nd of February 2016. The hearing was supposed to start at 09:30. We were waiting in the ground floor court. Then we had to change court and go to the first floor, then we moved again to the ground floor. We waited for Ish and Kishan but nothing. It was 11:00, still nothing. Meanwhile, I got to witness the bail of some victims/culprits via a video call. Yes, because there’s a TV in the  courtroom and you get to see how they proceed with the bail of the victims/culprits in prison or detention centres.

What shocked me the most was watching some of the victims/culprits saying they were innocent. Some could not even afford to pay their bails. Some were requesting freedom and some would simply agree to their fate and go back to their cell. I have always seen this in movies but this reality shocked me. Yes, the word shocked or baffled is appropriate here. You could see how vulnerable these people were. Some of them did not have any family members present at court to pay their bail or to fight for them. No lawyer, no family, no hope. They were like invisible/unknown to society, to the media and exiled from the reality some of us are living in.

to be continued…