RT Knits face masks

I am so proud to see the number of highly motivated factories who are working hard in making face masks in Mauritius. Today I received the RT Knits face mask pack I purchase on facemask.mu . This blog post is a summary of the face masks purchase process. »

Dear Website, can I trust you?

The first question I ask myself whenever there is a new website especially when it involves sharing personal data and payment details is; Can I trust this website? »

Why I chose LaTeX over the usual Word processing software.

How it all started?It all started when I had my first assignment and I realised that I didn't have any word processor on my laptop. The only one I ever worked on was Microsoft office which I never bought because I only used it when I was at the »

MoKouran - CEB Mobile App

Is the Mo Kouran - CEB App genuine? A question which a friend asked after seeing the App pictures being shared on a Facebook group. »

The wedding invitation

Proud and happy to share that my wedding invitation on Pinterest got 867 pins so far. Thank you ^^ How it looks like after printingReception table numbers »

My.T Weather App for Mauritius

I am sure you have heard or seen various aggressive adverts about My.T’s new baby – the My.T Weather application. It was officially launched on the 2nd of February and yes, there was quite a hype about that application especially after the continuous micro-climate changes happening in Mauritius. »

Black Friday in Mauritius

I noticed a lot of Black Friday sales in Mauritius this year. Seriously, a LOT! I know local businesses like trendy words and automatically adopt foreign concepts in Mauritius. »

Online shopping websites shipping to Mauritius - Part 2

It’s been a while, I haven’t written about my usual fashion discoveries on the web. In fact, I realized there is quite an amount of online shoppers in Mauritius after seeing reactions on my previous blogpost regarding online shopping. »

Women in Tech - Mauritius

I was invited by Marie-Noelle Ellisac Foy to join the panel discussion as a speaker for the Women In Tech event which was held at L’Aventure Du Sucre on Friday 7th of October 2016. I was really excited to learn more about this new Tech group in Mauritius and to share my passion for technology ... »

How to identify between Orange, Emtel & MTML mobile numbers?

Do you still wonder if the number you are about to call is Emtel or Orange before you press on the green button? Well, I still do… so, I decided to look for a way to solve my problem and I found an ICTA document online which I am going to share with you. »